Education Market Intelligence

Actionable, customized market intelligence on the global Education space, trusted by leading education companies, education institutions and investors for PreK-12, Higher Education, Workforce Training, Professional Certification, Education Technology, English Language Learning, and Assessments.


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Our work spans all major segments within the Education space


Our insights and data feature in leading media outlets

Professionals in International Education The PIE News
Education Week EdWeek
The Wall Street Journal WSJ
Financial Times FT

Education Market Intelligence deliverables are designed for senior executives in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Product Management and those with P&L responsibility for regions or businesses

Identify New Markets

Identify New Markets

Market Sizing, Market Landscape, Trends and Disruptors

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Understand your customers better, identify new customers

Gain Market Share

Gain Market Share

Intelligence on competitors' products, strategy and tactics

Execute Growth

Execute Growth

Market entry, product launch, corporate development, M&A

Depending on your market intelligence needs, budget and available timeframe, we utilize a range of research methods, approaches and resources to gather and analyze customized market intelligence. Primary research includes planning and design, and interviews with market participants, competitor interviews, voice of customer interviews, in-depth interviews with subject matter experts, and survey design and execution including the sourcing of online panels. Desktop research includes both public and proprietary secondary research. Our data team handles big data, data mining, data analytics, and machine learning. Our multilingual analyst team includes native speakers of over 15 major languages including Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, French, Bahasa, and others.

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Working with Education Market Intelligence...

  • You are able to make important growth decisions with confidence, backed by very specific and relevant market intelligence
  • Your function's importance and visibility in the decision support process increases across the organization, as more and more internal stakeholders refer you or channel their intelligence and strategy needs through you
  • You have a tested specialist market intelligence provider that you can call upon to deliver results quickly and consistently 
  • You receive more resources for your function and importantly, recognition from peers and senior executives for the quality of the decision support you are providing
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Or, continuing to struggle with the status quo...

  • You remain unsure about the quality and reliability of the information you are using to make important decisions
  • You continue to feel overworked and undervalued as you scramble to fill in the gaps; time and money continues to be wasted at the hands of untested providers 
  • You haven't made the impression you want with the top executives in the organization 
  • Your decision support function continues to face budget uncertainty because it's still seen as a 'nice to have' rather than a 'must have'

Meet your new Education Market Intelligence team

Education Market Intelligence maintains a team of analysts, managers and account specialists who are immersed in all facets of the global Education space and work with leading companies and investors in this space each day. At the entry level, we look for the finest minds with the best attitude, and a genuine interest in what we do. For experienced hires we look for subject matter expertise as well as mastery of intelligence collection using primary research and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and reporting and communication skills. We also look for native-level skills in Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages relevant to key international markets of interest to our clients.