Workforce Training

Our Workforce Training experience and capabilities span:

  • Vocational Education Institutions
  • Skill Development and Training Companies
  • Lifelong Learning Content Providers and Platforms

We work for and study leading global Workforce Training players and the companies that supply technology, products and services into this space

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The market for workforce training products and services is rapidly evolving as buyers move from in person to online and mobile formats, and seek clearer value propositions for their training budgets.

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the high growth global Workforce Training space. Some examples of recent Workforce Training intelligence topics include:

  • How are workforce training providers adapting their offerings in response to cost cutting among corporate training buyers driven by the COVID-19 economic slowdown?
  • What are our competitors doing to quantify the benefits derived from their products to corporate training buyers to justify their purchase?
  • What are the top customer needs expressed as corporate training buyers shift from instructor-led to online learning?
  • Which employment sectors are most likely to outsource training to third-party providers?
  • How do corporate customers prefer to integrate learning and development capabilities into their HR operations? Are there significant addressable segments on this basis?
  • Which generalist corporate training subject matter areas show promising near-term growth? Are customers’ needs shifting from hard- to soft skills training?
  • Do corporate learning and development (L&D) buyers sit within human resources or other functions?
  • Does spending on corporate learning and development vary across employment sectors? Which pose attractive organic/inorganic growth opportunities?
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