Our PreK-12 experience and capabilities span:

  • PreK-12 Curriculum and Content Publishers
  • School Operators
  • Online PreK-12 Providers
  • Enrichment Programs

We work for and study the leading PreK-12 players as well as smaller high growth PreK-12 companies

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PreK-12 education is seeing tremendous innovation driven by digital transformation, budget cuts, demographic changes, the need to correct for asymmetrical learning outcomes, and developing customer preferences and infrastructure in emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

PreK-12 institutions and the partner companies that support them continue to provide more robust online learning environments for students in the face an uncertain commercial future where competition for scarce resources is intensifying.

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the high growth global PreK-12 space. Some examples of recent PreK-12 intelligence topics include:

  • Which early childhood education M&A opportunities have become attractive in light of COVID-19's social distancing impact on the sector?
  • How are online learning companies and traditional schools forming partnerships as a result of COVID-19?
  • Where will states and local education agencies prioritize external spending in the post COVID-19 environment of social distancing and budget shortfalls? What will we need to do to secure future renewals in this environment?
  • What is the market size and growth rate for online US K-12 education as a whole and for segments such as district run programs, virtual academies, insight schools, blended schools, and destination career academies?
  • Which of our competitors have incorporated AI and machine learning to analyze individual student learning? What are their product's features?
  • Who are the major and emerging players in K-12 assessment data analytics platforms / tools and what is their market share?
  • How is the delivery of private PreK-12 education changing in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia? Which players are leading the change and how are they executing?
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Case Studies

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Product UX / UI Benchmarking for Personalized
PreK-12 Learning Platforms in the US

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Market Landscape and Competitive Analysis of PreK-12 Content in China

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Market Landscape and Identification of Targets for Private School Operator in Asia


Image of Row of Students at Test Center

Trends and Opportunities in US K-12 Assessment

Three promising growth areas stand out from the crowded field of experimental offshoots: formative assessments, performance-based assessment and nonacademic measures.

Image of Child Reading Book

Opportunities for Private K-12 Education in Emerging Markets

The growth of private schooling in emerging markets is a direct response from rising middle classes to their governments’ failure to provide quality education for the 21st century economy, and this trend is likely to continue.

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