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Our Higher Education experience and capabilities span:

  • Higher Education Institutions
  • University Operators, Networks and Holding Companies
  • OPMs, MOOCs, and Online Higher Education Providers
  • Higher Education Curriculum and Content Publishers

We work for and study leading global Higher Education players and the companies that supply technology, products and services into this space

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The Higher Education sector is adapting to meet unprecedented challenges, such as the growing threat of substitutes, widening skills mismatch between jobs available and student ability, and ballooning costs, and is looking for innovative solutions to secure future sustainability.

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the high growth global Higher Education space. Some examples of recent Higher Education intelligence topics include:

  • What type of discounts and / or product innovations are online learning companies making to increase the stickiness of their higher education offerings during COVID-19 social distancing?
  • How are competitors adjusting their go-to-market strategies to capitalize on the expected growth in demand for postsecondary education driven by the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How are competitors leveraging blockchain technology to create decentralized learning platforms specifically for higher education?
  • What is the total addressable market for online enablers, such as online program managers? For graduate and undergraduate spaces? Internationally?
  • Which variations of revenue sharing models do customers in the online program management space prefer? Why?
  • How plausible are the near term and medium term scenarios we have developed for the growth of AI powered chat bots to drive enrollment?
  • What is the market size and market landscape for student success analytics, personalized learning analytics and business intelligence analytics in the US, and who are the key players? What are each player's strengths and weaknesses?
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Market Size of Higher Education Analytics in the US

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International Expansion and Identification of Sales Channel Partners


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Competency-Based Education in the US, India and Brazil

Transformative technology, strong consumer demand, and the emergence of compelling business strategies have aligned to put competency-based education on the map in the United States. Business opportunities exist in emerging markets and education leaders interested in expanding must understand the evolving landscape of the global post-secondary education space.

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