Education Technology

Our Education Technology experience and capabilities span:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Digital Courseware Providers
  • Adaptive Learning Companies
  • Data Analytics Companies
  • Communication and Productivity Tools
  • Classroom Technology Providers

We work for and study leading global Educational Technology players as well as smaller high growth edtech companies

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Education technology continues to transform the way we learn. This decade will see a growing role for innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extended reality to elevate students’ experiences and outcomes.

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the high growth global Education Technology space. Some examples of recent Edtech intelligence topics include:

  • What are the most prominent case examples for integrating adaptive learning tools into learning environments for maximum impact on student success?
  • What barriers to adoption do potential customers of digital curriculum products face?
  • How do our competitors showcase their data-driven instruction and intervention capabilities to potential customers?
  • Which pain points are the most salient among customers of competing learning management system (LMS) platforms?
  • Which educational use cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most promising for new product development?
  • How should we position our data analytics offerings to distinct constituencies within customer institutions to achieve maximum buy in?
  • What features have our competitors recently added to their analytics products to maximize engagement with the platform among students and staff?
  • What do our top education technology competitors do to demonstrate measurable improvements in student achievement?
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Case Studies

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