Growth Opportunities for Digital Workforce Hiring and Training Assessments

Growth Opportunities for Digital Workforce Hiring and Training Assessments

Client Context

Our client, a global workforce training player, develops, administers, and scores a wide range of electronic assessments for workforce hiring, training and professional development. To maintain its leading position and to ensure continued growth, our client wanted to understand sizable adjacent markets to the traditional ones on which its workforce assessments focus and to identify global market opportunities.

Our Approach

We provided a global overview of in demand skills and assessments by analyzing third-party recruitment firms, regional market differences and recruitment segments. We used this information to select five countries with the greatest market potential for our client's corporate hiring and training tools.

We analyzed the following for each country:

  • Market size and growth rate for positions filled by third-party recruitment agencies requiring assessments
  • Leading third-party recruitment companies by sector, such as hospitality, tourism
  • Methods used to evaluate skills for hiring, promotion and ongoing training of candidates


Our evidence-based insight allowed our client to identify high potential opportunities in existing and emerging workforce recruitment and training segments across new geographies.

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