Product UX / UI Benchmarking for Personalized PreK-12 Learning Platforms in the US

Product UX / UI Benchmarking for Personalized PreK-12 Learning Platforms in the US

Client Context

Our client, a global publisher of PreK-12 content, looked to expand its education technology product offering to include a curriculum aligned, state-of-the-art personalized teaching and learning platform for PreK-12 students in the US. Our client’s sales, marketing, and product teams needed detailed insight on the competitive environment in which their learning platform would operate, and how to differentiate themselves, as they pivoted into the high growth but crowded digital personalized learning space.

Our client requested us to benchmark their learning platform against established competitors, including in-depth analysis of product features and sales and marketing strategies, with the goal of differentiating their product offering and go-to-market strategy.

Our Approach

We structured the study in two parts.

Part 1: We provided a comprehensive overview of the market by mapping PreK-12 learning platforms in the US. This included both established and emerging players as well as their target segments, market share and existing customers.

Part 2: Following our market mapping exercise, we conducted detailed product and marketing strategy benchmarking for five competitor products based on market position and product vision and quality.

We reported on the following themes for each competitor learning platform:

  • Learning platform overview
  • Curricula and PreK-12 grades supported / alignment to standards
  • UX / UI features summary
  • Content and resource integrations by type
  • Assignments and assessment tools
  • Monitoring and reporting tools
  • Navigation and user experience
  • User onboarding and support
  • Value proposition, sales positioning, marketing messaging
  • Current partnerships


We provided evidence-based insight into leading competitors’ PreK-12 learning products, market positioning and sales and marketing strategies. Our client’s product development team utilized these insights to evaluate and realign their platform’s features. Our client’s sales and marketing teams leveraged this analysis to articulate targeted and effective product messaging.

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