Market Size of Higher Education Analytics in the US

Market Size of Higher Education Analytics in the US

Client Context

A pioneer in the education technology space, our client was keen to expand their learning management software (LMS) product suite to include data and analytics offerings.

Our client zeroed in on higher education analytics tools as one potential option for further R&D. To evaluate this opportunity, they needed an understanding of market size for analytics platforms and tools by product segment (student success, business intelligence and personalized learning analytics) and by product deployment (cloud or on location) across undergraduate and graduate institutions in the US.

Our Approach

We tailored the study into three phases:

Phase 1: Market overview and growth potential for analytics platforms and tools, focusing on American undergraduate and graduate institutions, university networks and trade schools.

We reported on the following parameters for each product segment and deployment type:

  • Top-down serviceable addressable market (SAM) size
  • Growth rates, trends and drivers such as greater student engagement and improvement of learning outcomes, rising pressure to maintain institutional accountability and reduction in the price of hardware

Phase 2: Bottom-up serviceable addressable market size by product segment and deployment type, based on data such as per student spend on analytics and adoption rates of analytics tools in US higher education.

Phase 3: Total addressable market (TAM) size by product segment, based on data such as average market size for analytics vendors, market value from in-house development of platforms and tools, and growth in higher education adoption rates of platforms


We offered data driven insight into trends in the analytics market, including robust and triangulated modelling for both SAM and TAM, as well as a deeper understanding of growth rates and drivers. Our client utilized these insights in their internal discussions on future strategy, including whether expanding their product offering into the higher education analytics market was in line with their overall objectives and ROI expectations.

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