Gaining Market Share in India's Graduate Assessment Landscape

Gaining Market Share in India's Graduate Assessment Landscape

Client Context

Our client, a global assessments company, hoped to accelerate growth in India by increasing the number of institutions that accept their graduate assessment. Since India’s graduate assessment market is highly fragmented and regulations are onerous, international companies often find it challenging to gain traction.

Our client requested us to evaluate India's graduate assessment market landscape including institutional use and strengths and weakness of competitor products, to better understand market opportunity. ​

Our Approach

The study was broken into two phases:

Phase 1: We used desktop research and analysis to segment educational institutions based on funding type and graduate assessment usage

Phase 2: Our analysts interviewed a cross section of stakeholders along the following parameters:

  • Perception of competitor products
  • Pricing preferences
  • Priorities for graduate admissions
  • Administrative processes and hurdles


Our extensive primary research capabilities meant we were able to provide our client with a comprehensive understanding of existing practices for graduate admissions in India and how to position its product for success. In addition, our market intelligence outlined regulatory hurdles our client would need to clear and provided a road map for priority areas in which to target sales efforts.

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