Market Landscape and Competitive Analysis of PreK-12 Content in China

Market Landscape and Competitive Analysis of PreK-12 Content in China

Client Context

Our client, a global education publisher, experienced slowed growth in one of their key Chinese market segments. They decided to re-examine their go-to-market-strategy and look for new opportunities.

Our Approach

We provided a comparative analysis of market segments by:

  • Examining growth trends
  • Appetite for partnerships with foreign vendors
  • Current partnerships among competitors and customers

After developing key hypotheses and crafting analytical frameworks, we conducted secondary research to test our assumptions. We leveraged proprietary reports in English and Chinese in addition to consulting primary sources. We also interviewed numerous stakeholders including vendors, former employees, and thought leaders with extensive industry knowledge.


After analyzing market / segment trends and identifying potential partners, our client was able to identify new opportunities in existing and emerging segments. Our client also refined its partnership strategy and revisited its existing distribution channels. Our analysis of market sizes and competitive landscapes allowed our client to re-articulate product positioning and re-consider their pricing.

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