Market Landscape and Identification of Targets for Private School Operator in Asia

Market Landscape and Identification of Targets for Private School Operator in Asia

Client Context

Our client, a key player in the education market in Asia, sought to expand their presence in the region. Since their expansion strategy relied on acquiring schools with certain characteristics, they needed to conduct a wide-ranging and customized scan of schools with a high potential fit for their organization.​

​We analyzed the competitive landscape and market attractiveness of the high-end private international education market in Asia. ​

Our Approach

After executing an analysis of macroeconomic trends affecting demand for high-end international education, we highlighted other key developments with the potential to impact demand for international education in each market, such as new regulations. ​

​Our team provided a list of peer schools in each market to identify suitable targets for acquisition in Asian markets. Our client provided specific parameters, such as type of ownership structure and curriculum offered, which we used to benchmark all potential targets and generate a short-list of high-potential targets. ​


Our findings enabled our client to make informed decisions about their expansion strategy. Further, our in-depth analysis provided them with customized intelligence on high-potential private schools across Asia, identifying several targets to be further researched for possible acquisition. ​

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