Competitive Analysis of US Soft Skills Certification Market

Competitive Analysis of US Soft Skills Certification Market

Client Context

Our client offers a soft skill training and certification product focused on oral communication in the US. The product had not seen top line growth in two quarters. Concerned about its prospects, our client was keen to understand competitor product features, growth trajectories, and customer acquisition strategies, in order to better position their product in the soft skill certification market.

Our Approach

We tailored the study into two phases:

Phase 1: Market Overview and identification of leading competitors using targeted keywords and filtering by revenue, headcount, product and service offerings, and client relationship metrics

Phase 2: In-depth profiling of five market leaders, including a benchmark of their products and services, and key operating metrics along the following parameters:

  • Company size, headcount, product revenue trends, and customer acquisition strategy
  • Product and service offering, including features, mode of delivery, skills alignment, and partnerships with other credentialing, licensing, and certification bodies
  • Marketing and sales strategy and messaging
  • Price structure and competitive advantages


Our client was able to use our evidence-based frameworks to understand their current position in a high growth market. Our client leveraged our insights to offer well informed decision support to their marketing and product teams on how to improve their product positioning in the US market for oral communication certifications.

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